Fixing Stuff Around Yourself

Areej Nawaz
3 min readApr 2, 2021

‘Little by little one walks far.’’

If you are looking to start your journey on becoming a leader, what better place to start than your own house, your room or your own surroundings.

“If you wanted to change world, start it by cleaning your room.”

When Amal Academy gave me the project that you have to find something around you and fix it so I saw my room first. This activity points out towards our leadership skill without authority.

This activity was both easy and difficult because there was nothing special around me that needed to be fixed, because I make my bed every day and clean my room because I heard from someone that if you want to start a good day, you have to make your bed first. By taking this first step each morning, you can easily do the rest of the tasks all day and you will be motivated to do it.

If you also belong to an indigenous desi family then you will be aware of this problem that you can’t keep your room clean all the time. I also share my room with my younger sister so it is not always possible to keep my room clean. Ughh!! But I have to try.

Here are some pictures before cleaning the room, I hope to not get judged after you guys see these pictures. By the way, even you guys do, I don’t care. Lol! Just kidding, I do care.

In this activity, first I cleaned my room, then I cleaned my table, then I cleaned my dressing then I made my bed. And last but not least, I dusted the whole room.

The room looked great after cleaning so I will also share those pictures. Now that I have worked on it so you have to see it too. May be now all the judgemental vibes go away. Phewww!!!

Looks clean right?

What Do We Learn From This?

Now in this section I will tell you what things I learned from this activity and from my own previous experience:

First of all! Don’t wait to clean until it gets all dirty and messed up, because it will take more time and effort. So what should we do? Clean it to keep it from getting that way!

Secondly! The way that you keep your personal workspace, home, and appearance say a lot about your leadership style. A neat and tidy home, personal appearance, and workspace often says that you are a strong leader that follows the rules by the book. It also says that you focus heavily on achieving results, meeting goals, and growing your career. This leadership style is demanding and often comes with a lot of stress.

‘‘Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.’’ _ Seth Berkley.



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