Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Areej Nawaz
2 min readApr 16, 2021

Hey! Do you want to learn a new trick to save your time?

Do you feel like you procrastinate a lot?

Do you wish to overcome this habit of procrastinating?

Do you feel anxiety when you procrastinate?

Here is a trick just for you. This trick is quite simple and old but most of us don’t really know about it. I’m going to tell you how you can do your work in time. So let’s get started.

Most of us have a habit of delaying important things, at the time we feel good and happy because we think that we’re having a good time by doing fun things. In reality we postpone the tasks that we’re meant to do. A part of us feels sad, bad and anxious at that time. I’m the same as these people. No wonder I know all of this. LOL

So when I came to know this technique of saving time, I tried it. I had to try something otherwise I was about to fail in my project work. I picked a heavy stone and put it on my heart so that it remains quiet for some time.

Now I’ll tell you ‘‘How I tried the Pomodoro technique and how it went for me?’’. I read the instructions, took a deep breath and used my cell phone timer. I kept looking at the 25-minute timer and doing my tasks at the same time. First I did the Learning Group tasks and I completed both of these tasks at the same time with great ease. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t get distracted by some things in between. My sister distracted me by asking for charging pots, I also had to comment on the work of my fellows, so when I picked up my phone to comment on their work, I saw some notifications from Snapchat and WhatsApp. I controlled myself and did my work and when the break period came I looked at my phone and opened these notifications. After all the four ticks I took a break and enjoyed my fresh strawberry juice and relaxed.

Photo by Victoria Tronina on Unsplash

It was a good experience for me. It helped me focus on my work. This technique saved me a lot of time. I would like to use this technique in the future as well. I know that there will be some difficulties to stay on this path but I hope this blog of mine helps you and you use this technique in your life as well.



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